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Learn How To Automate Repetitive Patient Messaging

Webinar Agenda:

  • Overview (10 Mins)

    • Automate repetitive messaging

    • Free staff/providers to focus on meaningful patient care

  • Practical Examples (10 Mins)

    • A six month workflow for dental cleaning

      • Reminders near the appointment

      • Monthly notes to support better outcomes

      • A screening 1 month before next cleaning

    • Telehealth new patient onboarding sequence

    • Post-care sequence for pediatric
  •  Extended Q&A (25 Mins)

    • Consultation with the Doctible team

    • Solve complex patient communications problems

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Smart Messaging Overview

Learn how it works

Automated custom messages before or after an appointment

Webinar Host

kelly bw

Kelly Zielinski
Senior Business Development Manager