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Two-way texting helped Potomac Psychiatry enhance and grow their practice increasing office productivity and patient responsiveness.  


"Many patients prefer two-way texting: We respond faster with greater efficiency. Text messages are now one of our primary communication tools."

Terry & Dana


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What are the five major benefits of texting?
  • Happier Patients | Patients prefer texts.
  • Staff Morale | Removes communication barriers.
  • Stronger Practice | Save hours a day of staff time.
  • Improved Profitability | Increases patient flow.
  • Proactive Scheduling | Reduces missed appointments. 

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Our Guest Speakers from Potomac Psychiatry


Terry Vinston


"There were many hours a week spent just calling back and leaving messages and playing phone tag with patients just to get one appointment scheduled."

Dana Schwartz

Office Manager

"Text messages cut down a lot on the time staff is spending on tasks. Phone tag would make that 30 second task into a day’s long task."

The power of texting patients instead of calling...

"It was far more successful than I had imagined"


"Our senior citizen patients actually really utilize texting a lot"


"The ability to have conversations with compassion and empathy"